Ripping Clothes Off

We made a new video yesterday… I tried something new and I loved ripping my clothes off in public. I want to ask my members if you think I should to do more similar to this, let me know using likes and comments to this video inside members area

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  1. This video is the reason I joined your website. I have a big fetish for clothing destruction and I would love to see you do more of these types of videos. Yum!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I will try to make more videos of this type. If you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to let me know

  2. Hi Lada, Video was great! Anytime we get to see your amazing body naked is good!! One of the nude in public sites has videos of … This comment is available only to members Please login or join. nude. Would love to see you attempt something like this

  3. Idée très originale et excitante ! Mais je trouve que tu mets trop de temps pour tout “arracher”. Il faudrait que tu arraches tes vêtements plus rapidement, de manière plus constante 🙂

    1. Hi! Sorry, I can’t write in French.
      I also thing the process of destroying the clothes took too much time. If we will shoot a similar video next time, I’ll get rid of my clothes quickly and spend more time naked 🙂

  4. Yes Yes Yes Naughty. More like this and why not add some more public masturbating as well, such as your hotel room with those workers watching you. Thanks.

  5. This s a great video , you are a beautifull woman .
    I prefere more in an public area , but i love something new challenges.


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