An unexpected reaction deliveryman to my outfit

Yesterday I ordered sushi. When I opened the door to the deliveryman I was wearing a very revealing outfit. The deliveryman’s reaction was unexpected…

Here are some still frames from this video:

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Some members' comments to full version "An unexpected reaction deliveryman to my outfit"

  1. kam says:

    Thanks for something different!!

    • Naughty Lada says:

      Thanks for watching my videos :)

  2. Chassy says:

    Could we have some English translation on what was said in the video please? Really thought he was going to get to lick that pussy, shame he didn’t get to!

    • Naughty Lada says:

      At first he was surprised, he told me some compliments… and then
      he asked me “May I kiss your pussy”… “May I kiss your nipple”…
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  3. eddienl says:

    Hi Lada! Thanks for the update! Wish I worked as a deliveryman in your neighborhood, haha! Please more! I enjoy your videos very much! Your such a sexy,girl!!!

    • Naughty Lada says:

      Thank you :)

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