Some members' comments to full version "Oiling up and…"

  1. eddienl says:

    Lada, Anytime you need help oiling up that wonderful body, I will volunteer, lol!! I bet you would have no problem finding someone to oil up your body next time you visit beach or park, haha

    • Naughty Lada says:

      We have an idea to do something like that and ask someone to oil my body up… I have to be brave 😉 Thank you for comment

  2. Ulliformore says:

    Oh yezzz my God, that video is that fucking HOT!!!! Love it! :-))

  3. breasts says:

    Love the dildo and masturbation scenes. More of these would be great. Especially if men are watching you such as workers on a building site, or road labourers in the street. Go for it.

  4. leafey says:

    That is my favourite video so fat. Just amazing. X

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