My transparent bikini

Hello guys! I have a lot of swimsuits. Some of them are completely transparent, some are sheer when wet… And although I really love to swim and sunbathe naked sometimes I like wearing see-through swimwear on public beaches.
Today I’ve uploaded in the members area my new video where I wear one of my see-through swimsuit in public.

Here are short excerpts from this video:

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Some members' comments to full version "My transparent bikini"

  1. HosokZeb says:

    Now that is a very special bikini… great to see you walking past people ‘innocently unaware’ how transparent it is… Maybe you could wear some wedges with a bikini instead of flip flops? Would love to see you sucking on an ice lolly whilst walking in bikini and heels – perhaps there could be a bikini camel toe video too!!!

    • Naughty Lada says:

      “Wedges, a bikini cameltoe and an ice lolly” – Looks like I got a good title for a future video :) Thank you for comment.

  2. Monteirog says:

    Hmmmmm love it!! Wish i was there passing by to see u

    • Naughty Lada says:


  3. eddienl says:

    You looked so delicious in that bikini, Lada!! Loved the way your nice butt crack was exposed!!!!! And when the bikini was wet it was almost like you were naked as it showed everything!! Please more videos! Love when you show off your sexy body in public!!

    • Naughty Lada says:

      Thank you :)

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