Shopping time

I am happy to share with you a new video about my adventures in the Mall. I like to wear short skirts without panties and watch people’s reactions when I lift my skirt up 😀

Here are short excerpts from this video:

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Some members' comments to full version "Shopping time"

  1. eddienl says:

    Fantastic Flashing video Lada!! Love your shopping trips!! Everyone gets to see your sexy, hot, body as you walk around the stores!! Yes, I was hoping you would buy that pair of short, denim, overalls!! You looked fantastic in that!!! Would love to see you wear that in public without a top!! Love the way your nice boobs looked in that outfit!!!

    • Naughty Lada says:

      Yeah, I bought one of those short denim overalls, and I’m gonna wear that outfit… sometimes without a top. Of course we’ll make a video about it 😉

  2. nmdiml says:

    That was perfect !! I loved the fact that you kept the skirt up by accidentally being stuck. It was extremely brave walking past the lady and she saw your panties. Even braver when you were pantyless in the store and didn’t move it.

  3. martin says:

    As always great! The denim dress is sexy, I would love to see you too!

  4. willywonker says:

    Another good video. You need to wear that denim outfit in public with no bra on.

    • Naughty Lada says:

      Yeah, I’m gonna wear that outfit in public… sometimes with no bra on ;-). In future videos you will be able to see me in this outfit. Thanks for comment 🙂

  5. noname says:

    I find this one of your Best adventures. It’s amazing the younger girl with the skirt didn’t notice. I’d love to see you more with your skirt up (“by accident”) without panties. This is what I subscribe for 🙂

  6. Harry says:

    Wow i Love it thank you for sharing this addventure with us.

  7. jimhildebran says:

    Great. Wish I could see someone like you while I am shopping. Beautiful and hot

  8. jrthestar says:

    I really love your shopping videos.

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