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  1. Lada loved your smile when the guy said Wow!!! Haha loved your reaction!!! Can tell you really enjoy being nude in public!! You love it, the bystanders love it and your fans all love seeing you completely nude in public in front of so many people!!!!

  2. Lada, I have watched this video many times!’ Can’t get enough seeing your sexy, amazing body completely nude walking in front of all those people!!’ You are so beautiful!! Please more vids like this!!! I hope your summer brings you many opportunities to make videos just like this!!!

  3. wow this ones really good. You being completely naked in public in such crowd by far one of my best. please more like this. and a little advise please show more peoples reactions. maybe a 2nd cam might be use full.

  4. WOW, just like the guy said in the video when he saw your gorgeous nude body walking in public in front of all those people Lada!! Wow!!! Please more vids just like this!! Lada, hope you have an amazing summer making more vids like this for your many fans!! So sexy and Hot!!

  5. Я обожаю ваши голые прогулки на публике, это так заворажительно смотрится. С вашим прекрасным телом можно ходить обнаженной везде.
    Вы просто созданы для любования вашим неглеже и точеными босыми ножками…

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