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  1. Loved the total public nudity while walking along the street as cars and people pass too!! As always please, please more of this!!

  2. Wow Lada, you were naughty in public his video! Loved the part at the 6 min, 30 second mark where you bent over and pulled your nice butt cheeks apart in the alley!! Please more maybe in front of people!! Also loved when you were sitting on bench with legs apart as guy rode past you, haha!! Please more getting naughty in public vids!! Vid was fantastic!!!

  3. As always absolutely great !! Lada you got a nicer ass as you do it :-))) ?? And the cameraman deserves praise !! Simply the world’s number one !!!

  4. 1 of your best videos, love the masturbation at the end, and how much you love people seeing you naked.

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