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  1. Fantastic Lada!! Loved that you were totally nude from the beginning to the end of this excellent video!!Your such an amazing, beautiful looking woman!! Glad you love showing your incredible sexy, hot body to the many passersby in the video!! And WOW when you started to play in public with even finger penetration was amazing!! Loved it!! Please, please more videos!! I love you!!

    1. Yes. when I started to play finger penetration and people around looked at me… it was really wonderful 🙂
      Thank you for comment.

  2. That was great! I’m astounded at how casual passersby were about this. A beautiful woman is walking around naked and no one cares (or apparently notices). Looking forward to whatever you do next.

    1. Yes, some one pretend not to notice and those who looked carefully at me, trying to remain behind the scenes… but sometimes This comment is available only to members. Please login or join.

  3. Лада, а почему бы вам не сделать видео с привлечением случайных прохожих? Можно позировать вместе с ними, в том числе и в непосредственном контакте (в обнимку например или на коленках), можно дать им возможность помастурбировать в одном с тобой кадре, можно даже им немного помочь … 😉

  4. Well done, now you should do a dildo fuck in public wearing only thigh high boots

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