Short skirt and wind

Short skirt and wind

I love to wear short skirt with no panties in public… I like when the wind blows my skirt up and lets others to see that i wear no panties.

We have just returned from a trip during which we shot a lot of interesting videos. We will try to publish them as soon as possible on my website

Here are short excerpts from this video:

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  1. I’d love to see more windy skirt videos like this! Thin short skirt… no panties or bra… perfect!

  2. I loved this video alot. You didn’t try to hold the skirt down when it got windy and when people were around you , you let nature do its thing. I love it when by standers see, it makes it more exciting. I loved how the lady did a double take. When I saw the screenshot of the video , I said this is going to be great. Can’t wait to see more.

  3. Wow you naughty girl, you forgot your panties and bra, haha!! Loved the short skirt and sexy top!! Nice flashing of your beautiful boobs and was so HOT when you got totally nude and walked for a distance to your car with traffic driving by!! Hope you did not cause an accident!! You are such a sexy woman!! Cannot wait to see the other vids!!! Please more!! Thank you so much, Lada!!!

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