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  1. Would be great to see Lada asking bystanders directions or have them take a photo of her with a Polaroid camera all the while she is either nude or in a state of undress. Would be great way for Lada to interact with bystanders on the street as she is naked!

  2. Great to see you interact again with the public, this is very sexy. If you can try and come up with some scenarios where you could interact more with the public. I think you would really enjoy all the attention.

  3. Fantastic wardrobe malfunctions!! Fantastic nonchalant attitude that you just did not care that you were exposed for everyone to see!! Was great you did not act embarrassed and just acted like it was normal for you to be sitting and walking around with your boobs and other sexy parts of your body exposed out in public!!

  4. I love how the random guy came up to you and was near your breasts and you didn’t blink or change facial expressions. Very brave. I love it. And I love the end when the wind blows open ur jacket to expose both breasts and how you are too busy on your phone to notice your pussy is completely visible to any stranger. Perfect as usual.

  5. What would you do if somebody started wanking himself on the street (let’s say behind a bush but you can see) by the looks of you dressed like this? Would you give a show even more or……?

  6. Класс! Ну что же ты такая серьёзная на этом видео, Lada?! Ведь бизнес-леди тоже улыбаются. Хищно, но улыбаются))) Очень хочется видеть твою замечательную улыбку во всех видео!

  7. Fantastic top, Lada!! I love the tops that lets your boobs exposed like this one and the side boob tops!!!

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