Here are some comments left by members to full version " This dress go more see through when it’s wet"

  1. Fantastic dress Lada… love it! Especially when you sat on the wall showing off your pussy! Love when you sit with your legs wide apart while people walk past. More like this please!

  2. Perfect 🙂 Lovely dress!!!!
    So great you got naked on the street again 😉 Did the police arrive…?

  3. Lada, you are simply stunning. The way you walk is mesmerizing, so elegant and sensual. You are incredibly beautiful. You are a goddess. I adore you. xxxx

  4. Fantastic, Lada!!! You are so beautiful and amazing!! Great video!! Oops you naughty girl you forgot to wear panties and bra again!! Haha!! Love when you go without panties and bra!! That dress was so see thru and then you got it wet!! Could see everything!! So glad you took dress off at end!! Would not want you to catch cold by wearing wet clothes, lol!! Lada loved when you got completely nude at end with all those people around you!!! Also, loved the way you got in erotic poses with your legs spread wide open while people walked past!!! So hot!!!! Please more!!!

  5. Lovely, especially with you sitting down with your legs very open so people could see up your dress, perfect. I hope you didn’t get arrested at the end with that idiot lady saying police.

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