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  1. Lada, watching you wash windows is not boring! Always great seeing your sexy, amazing body!! I think you should be naked ALL the time. lol!! Thanks again!

  2. Hey, awesome video! Can you make a video in the gym? Really want to see your naked workout!

  3. How about next time find a much bigger captive audience and shoot this scene again. It would really work if you knew men were watching and enjoying you.

    1. When we finished shooting and turned off the camera I raised my head up and saw a group of builders… at least ten people. They stood on the top floor of a building under construction and just looked at me broken their work. I don’t know how long they’ve been watching me, maybe since the beginning. It is a pity that they didn’t get into the shot. As will be given the opportunity we will make a similar scene with bigger audience…

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