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  1. You found the perfect place to stand at 14.05. Your thin dress looks amazing with the light shining through it… Love the posing with your legs wide apart… Like your hairstyle in this one too!

  2. Love this video Lada… Love seeing the silhouette of your legs and pussy through the thin white dress… I’d love to see more like this – perhaps with more walking about… One of my favourite videos…

  3. Excelent fantastic. Especially when you take it off.
    You should always do this, whenever you are shooting with some revealing clothes, take a minute to take all off. Even if you have to put it back on.

  4. Another beautiful and sexy video, great to see you enjoying the Spanish sun. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous curves again.

  5. Lada, haha your clothes just seem to fall off while you are in public and you end up naked in the streets!!! Very sexy white see through dress that hugged all of your curves of your HOT body!! Loved you were without bra and your nice hard nipples were showing thru!! Great you took off your panties and could see everything through dress!! Loved you took off dress and people could see you completely nude in the streets!! Please more!!! Thank you!’

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