Left the hotel nude

Washing windows naked

Recently we stayed at a hotel in a seaside town. This is a small hotel a few steps from the sea. We wanted to make a video in which I stroll naked on the seafront. Initially, we planned that I would exit the hotel dressed and will undress on the seafront… But I did not want to dress in this morning and I got the idea to get out of the hotel room naked and not take any clothes with me. I did not believe that I be able to do this, but I got courage and left the door…

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Kisses, Naughty Lada

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  1. I love it when you leave nude. You don’t need clothes and I love to see you naked everywhere in public! I would love to see more naked walks like these with all your clothes at home.

    1. I’ll make more videos like that. I like to walk around naked, especially when the clothes are left at home and I have no way to cover up.

  2. Yes, please more leave your clothes at home nude walks!! I agree Lada has an amazing beautiful body and does not need to wear clothes!! I love it when she is nude in public!! So HOT!!


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